Novadus Limited

Novadus Limited provides IT Consulting Services in the financial and banking sectors.

Typically, we cover all phases of product engineering from proof of concept to production, including technical design, software development, validation and deployment. 

Our expertise goes beyond the technical implementation and we can help your organisation adapt software development best practices such as Agile Development, Automated Testing, Continuous Delivery, Code Review, Pair Programming.... 

Our technical expertise lies mainly in Microsoft Technologies, such as the .NET stack and Azure for cloud programming. Over the years, we've have diversified in front-end and back-end development, including full stack web development, High Computer Gtrid (HPC) and parallel programming on GPU devices. 



"Professional consultant who works well with the business, listening to requirements and transforming them into an efficient solution."
"Thrust into a difficult and pressurised engagement he rapidly gained trust of all team members including developers and customer representatives."

Serena, Project Manager at Jupiter Asset Management

Mustafa, Director at Aqovia